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Internet Phone Service

Introduction and Strong Points

1) Method : Corporate telephone service which provides telephone basic service of lower rates than landines and various 
                        supplementary services by connecting all-IP based exchange system and customer equipment (IP, PBX, G/W, etc.)
2) Strong Points
          Up to 35% of the rate can be saved compared to the existing landlines 
          No charge call between subscribers and headquarters and branches 
          Communication charge and investment cost can be minimized by connecting to the existing facilities held by customers 
          such as keyphone and PBX. 
          Various supplementary services can be provided without additional equipment.

Network Configuration Diagram

  • 1) IP Centrex System

    - Interphone calls and various PBX supplementary services can be used without the installation of BPX by the customer.

    - Suitable for small companies with less than 30 employees

    IP Centrex System

  • 2) IP PBX System

    - Install IP-PBX in the company providing access to interphone calls and various PBX supplementary services

    - Suitable for medium/large companies with more than 30 employees

    IP PBX System

  • 3) AGW System

    - Use the existing PBX held by the customer company to make interphone calls and various PBX supplementary services available

    - Suitable for companies with a PBX

    AGW System

Charge for using

Basic rates and equipment rent are subject to change depending on configuration system.