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Cable Broadcasting

What is cable broadcasting?

Operate the world by remote control! An all-round TV, DLIVE Digital Broadcasting
Programs are directly transmitted through Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Cables (HFC)
guaranteeing the highest resolution and sound quality regardless of your location or
even the weather! In addition to terrestrial TV channels, viewers can select their
favorite channels from among specialized categories such as movies, dramas, sports,
music, documentaries, educational programs, cartoons and overseas channels.
As a region-focused medium, DLIVE ch4 quickly delivers the local news and useful
information for your everyday life. Local viewers can relate more closely
through programs produced with the participation of local residents.

Advantages of cable broadcasting

01.Multi-channel broadcasting

Multi-channel broadcasting covers everything from special and diverse categories including movies, music, news, baduk,
sports, educational programs, documentaries and entertainment to terrestrial channels, and overseas satellite channels.
You can view TV programs 24 hours a day.

02. Crisp display and sound quality

DLIVE is directly transmitted to your living room through Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Cable (HFC).
DLIVE provides high-quality broadcasting services that guarantees crisp display and great sound quality.

03. . A region-focused medium

DLIVE is an independent regional information medium which quickly delivers local and regional news and information for
everyday life.